"my german shepard gets really bad anxiety, and this bed really helps calm him down"

- Mariah Jalcove

the ultimate sleep & anxiety solution for your dog ☁️


ultra soft, built for comfort ☁️

a soft cotton blend ☁️

material is the most important aspect of any dog bed, and the pawtime® cloud proudly uses a non-toxic cotton blend to keep your pup cool and comfortable. natural threads create organic airflow, to keep any size pup from overheating when sleeping on the pawtime® cloud.

why pawtime® over other beds?

made to calm

using a unique design that mimic's a mother's fur, the pawtime® cloud is made to reduce anxiety and calm.

highest rated

over 10,000+ dog owners trust pawtime to calm and put their furry friends to sleep


cruelty free

sleep results safely tested among 500 pup volunteers, prior to the pawtime® cloud's launch

our mission:

pawtime® was started in 2017, after a group of volunteers at a local animal shelter in los angeles, california noticed that the most common problem shelter dogs faced was bad anxiety.
after months of brainstorming and training, the team found that the sleeping conditions of the dogs played the largest role in their mood, stress, and anxiety, as most were left to sleep on a concrete floor.
our team at pawtime® met with engineers, vets, and dog trainers to create the ultimate dog bed to suit every need. the pawtime® cloud was built to mimic the fur of a mother, and shaped to keep organic airflow to prevent overheating.
once the pawtime® cloud was distributed across the local shelter, our team and fellow volunteers noticed a drastic reduction in anxiety, fear, and aggressiveness of our friendly shelter dogs.
pawtime's mission is to help pet owners across the globe help their furry friends get enough sleep and reduce anxiety, to insure the health and well-being of their pup.

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